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David Michael Craig
Contacts 199 Swaton Road
London E3 4EP
Phone: +44 (0)20 7515-7685
Mobile: 0786 789 4380

Experienced in:-
  • Analysing and understanding processes and procedures, and explaining them to those who don't understand.
  • Writing clear and coherent text, in effective and consistent layout, with helpful and descriptive graphics.
  • Structuring information for ease and effectiveness of use.
  • Analysing and evaluating software, aiding in various elements of development - usability, dialog design, menu design etc.
  • Liaising between development, marketing and customers - acting as a "bridge" between the technical and commercial wings of a company.
  • Assimilating and fulfilling a brief, assembling and managing project teams and calculating and managing budgets.
  • Managing multi-cultural issues (translation etc.)
  • Self-motivating/self-managing.
Computer skills
  • Web construction
  • HTML, CSS & HTML help
  • Appreciation and use of Javascript and PHP
  • Some XML experience
  • Intranet construction/management
  • Web & Internet research
  • Word Processing
  • Databasing, Information management
  • Graphics (Screen capture, making original images & enhancing existing images)
  • e-Communications, including:- World-Wide Web, newsgroups, Email, Telnet, FTP, forums, etc.
  • MIDI/WAV music & streaming media
  • Maintaining an interest in emerging technologies
  • Over the years, I have used a great many pieces of software and am experienced in assimilating new software applications.
Additional skills:-
  • Photography (35mm and 5x4 and digital),
  • Music (writing & recording),
  • Good geographical knowledge,
  • Broad general knowledge.
2005 to present Bühler Sortex Ltd.Sortex is an engineering firm in East London, making food-sorting equipment - mainly for export. I'm writing manuals for these machines and maintaining technical updates for a world-wide audience of engineers, agents and customers.
2002 Dispensing justiceThis year was dominated by a period of jury service - at the Old Bailey. Although the case itself lasted only 15 weeks, September to December, delays in starting (first summons was in February) disrupted any attempt to find new employment. Prospective employers were not keen to employ someone who was likely to disappear for weeks or months.
Meanwhile, I continued with personal projects - largely concerned with my own web pages. Also an involvement with open-source projects (I am honorary 'editor-in-chief' of the virtual-access project on Sourceforge).
2000-2001 Technical Author - MagexWorking as Technical Author for Magex - a company specialising in Micropayments & Digital Rights Management (DRM)
1998-2000 Various free-lance jobs including continuing maintenance work with CDC (see below) and IT business research.

I also developed a number of personal projects - detailed below, under Personal.
1996-1998 Contract Technical Author for CDC (Commonwealth Development Corporation). I set up CDC's Intranet from scratch. When I left, it had over 1,300 pages of information available to about 300 staff.

I also produced manuals and intranet web help for CDC's in-house software, and had a special responsibility for improving its user interface and for quality assurance.

Meanwhile, I undertook the analysis and description of the corporation's business procedures - allowing them to know what they do (and to standardise they way they do it).

I also advised on Internet access and strategy, negotiating their new ISP agreement.

1995-1996 Freelance Technical Writer. Continuing to write manuals for Ashmount whilst working on other guides - including an exam-marking application for schools and a questionnaire maker/scanner. Also working on various Web projects.
1993-1995 Ashmount Research Ltd. Technical Editor. I was responsible for writing, designing and producing a range of manuals for WigWam, PowWow and Virtual Access (Ashmount's software, giving access to various on-line services). These required continual updating, as the software was always developing. I wrote manuals for individual services (CompuServe, CIX etc) and for 'Personal' and 'Workgroup' versions. This work was carried through from writing to dealing with printers.

In addition, I offered on-line support for the product(s) on the services to which it connected.

I was also part of Ashmount's development team, helping to design and plan future projects - with particular reference to usability and dialog design.
1982-94 McGuffin Productions Ltd (and freelance)McGuffin provided production services to advertising photographers. This involved casting, location-finding, model-making, set-building. Above all, it required a quick understanding of a brief, the ability to cost its elements and to manage the available budget. This also involved assembling and managing small, ad-hoc teams of various talents.
InterestsI have written, built and continue to maintain three websites:-
From Watford Gap to Camelot -
This is a "four-dimensional travelogue", drawing in elements of history, geography, the mythic and the mundane. Lycos included this site in their "Top 5% of the Web".

Webbery & Nettery -
This site contains advice to businesses wishing to make the most of the Internet. I have received acknowledgments and recommendations from individuals, companies - even governments.

Strum's Songs for Sale -
I am a songwriter, and these pages showcase my songs.
EducationGraduated 1973 - B.A. (Geography) University of London.
Date of Birth1951

David Craig