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Strum Home Page
Imagineering Technologies
purveyors of fine Web designs.
Due a word of thanks for inspiring me to get on the Web in the first place.
freddie street cats
The Freddie Street Cats pages - for all discerning felines (and - if they're good - their humans).
Gered Mankowitz - one of my favourite photographers.

A History of the Telegraph - Communication in Every Nation!
Because Tania asked nicely, and because her students will get extra credit.

Bill Hayes - another old friend, with, perhaps, the oldest temporary site on the Web.
Virtual Access (VAOS)
General History, Mystery, Megaliths & More
Squonk's Home Page
Chris "Squonk" Tweed is a fellow enthusiast for old stuff. In his case very old stuff.
Abandoned Communities
details a number of villages which have 'disappeared' since the Middle Ages.
24Hour Museum - Gateway to over 2400 UK Museums, galleries & heritage sites.
The Ley-Hunter - an on-line magazine of megalithic proportions. Earth Mysteries
The Stone Pages The Chronicles of the early Britons
Far Isles Medieval Society Regia Anglorum Site specialising in Early Medieval Anglo-Saxon and Viking society.
Association for Heritage Interpretation
Megalithic Map
British History Online - some splendid old maps, gazetteers and other records
Call to Arms - the International Historical Re-enactment Directory for Reenactment and Living History everywhere Queen Boudica - (note spelling) A screenplay by Marlene Sosebee, about the super-heroine of the 1st century.
Celtic Twilight John Rudmin argues persuasively that Cerdic was Arthur. Andrew Godsell has expanded on John Rudman's theory about Cerdic/Arthur.
British and Irish Villages Webring
English Heritage Archaeology division The National Trust
Vortigern Studies Call to Arms
Irish and British Villages Webring Historical Text Archive - The International Directory of Historical Re-enactment and Living History
Geography, Maps etc. - LONDON
MAGIC Interactive land-sue maps of the UK ESRI High grade mapping software - otherwise known as Millennium Maps. Produce high definition aerial photographs of (most of) the UK. UK Streetmap - Streetmaps, aerial photos, postcodes and co-ordinates for the UK
MapPlanet - an interesting new melding of location and the WebMultimap - more maps of the UK - Mapping and GISBritish History Online - Superb site, with old Ordnance Survey maps of the UK
Gvisit - See where people are listening to my songs (a Google mashup)Rural Roads - a tribute to some of Britain's great rural roads
Stanfords, in Long Acre, Covent Garden, is one of the best travel shops in the world and one of my favourite places. It is an essential precursor to any journey - to buy maps, travel guides, phrase books. Indeed, a visit to Stanfords may be an alternative to the journey itself.
They're on the Web now. They may not be the cheapest resource, but they're almost certainly the most comprehensive.
"Scratchwood to Wychwood" links
Northamptonshire County Council
Oxlink A useful site for information about Oxfordshire. Expletive Delighted The Official Fairport Convention site
Oxfordshire C.C. Home Page
Biography of William Smith - "Father of Geology" of Churchill Broughton Castle - home of Lord and Lady Saye & Sele and the Fiennes family
Banbury-Cross website A Railway Walk Mark Annand's site - featuring the Great Central Railway from Brackley to Daventry
The Way It Was - Oxfordshire photos wychwoodwalks Nick Owen's web log of walks in wychwood, illustrated with poetry and pictures.
"Wessex" links
Wessex Home Page

Wiltshire Moonrakers Wiltshire family history

[Swindon] Swindon Business Net
Thames Path Online Guide
SwindonGuide Haunted Wiltshire - containing (and seeking) paranormal stories in and of Wiltshire.
This is Wiltshire
Swindon Town Football Club
Wansdyke Home Page by Robert Vermaat
It's fairly typical that this magnificent monument is treasured most - by a Dutchman.
"Towards Twilight" links
Welcome to Somerset Somerset County Information Mendips District Council - with links to Glastonbury, Shepton, Frome and others.
West Country Tourist Board Covering Wiltshire, Somerset and points West. Glastonbury Festival History
The Powys Society (John Cowper Powys, author of "A Glastonbury Romance"
Trowbridge Town Council The Somerset Levels - photography by Pete Harlow
The Ancient Isle of Avalon
Wookey Hole Caves and Papermill - and home of the famous Witch William Marshal
General UK links
Your Roads - Website focussing on 'Cars, Speed Cameras, Road Safety, Enviroment'. Electronic Yellow Pages (UK)
Open Government UK - Gateway to a huge number of government sites. British Library "Putting history in place" Collections, virtual exhibitions and themed tours from one of the great libraries of the world.
The Meteorological Office (UK) BBC Weather Centre
Hansard Parliamentary debates Public Record Office
The British Monarchy Official site. Media UK Directory
The Tree Register - A unique record of Notable and Ancient Trees in Britain and Ireland.
The National Trust Official On-line Website BBC News on-Line - one of the jewels of the web
PA Press Electronic Telegraph
Countryside Recreation Network Countryside Commission
"Webbery & Nettery" links
The GIF Foundry - all you ever need to know about Web graphics GIF Wizard - shrink your web graphics
Browserwatch - check on what browsers are being used Sizzling Jalfrezi - HTML Tutorials & Scripting samples
Ragget's 10 minute guide to HTML
The World-Wide Web Consortium - the keepers of the standards The Web Developer's Virtual Library
World Intellectual Property Organization - keep yourself legal; keep others legal The Intranet Journal
The HTML Writers Guild The Webmaster's Reference Library
Lighthouse - web design tutorial
Jakob Nielson's Alertbox -  Jakob Nielson is the guru of useability
The Wannabe Webster - Info for beginners about putting together a small business website & it's webpages - credit cards, affiliate programs, webpage design, html, search engines submissions & rankings. Tomalak's Realm - Daily links to strategic Web Design news
Music links
Bandit Newsletter - Tips newsletter Hammersound - Music software, especially relating to soundfonts
ISA -International Songwriters Association MCPS - Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (roughly, the British equivalent of ASCAP)
Stringbusters - because not everything is electronic
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