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River Biss

River Biss River Biss
The River Biss, flowing through Trowbridge. It flows under Handle House, a Grade II listed building, once used to dry woven cloth, to make it easier to shear off teasels (the fluffy bits)..

Hotel Bythesea

Hotel Bythesea Hotel Bythesea
"The Hotel takes its name from Bythesea Road, on which it stands. The road takes its name from Henry Bythesea, who built a housing development here, at the beginning of the nineteenth century."
By 2021, Hotel Bythesea has become Bythesea Lodge - part of the Amber group.


Usher's Brewery, Trowbridge c.1990 - or the the Taedonggang brewery, located just outside Pyongyang.
In 2021, Usher's is long gone from Trowbridge, with many of its old buildings repurposed or replaced.

Post-industrial Trowbridge

Hotel Bythesea Hotel Bythesea
The Maltings - mostly repurposed for light industrial use, but the Maltster's Cottage has been turned into a very desirable town-house
Blind House Round Tower Round Tower
The The Blind House (an old gaol), a random Round Tower and a lovely old stables on Back Street.
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