Burford Church

Burford Churchyard
(above) Monument to the Levellers, executed in Burford Churchyard

Lucius Cary Lucius Cary, second Viscount of Falkland, founder of Great Tew. The bare-breasted woman on his right is his fashionable wife, Elizabeth.

What he got up to with the swan on the other side, I dread to think.

Behind Lucius are the effigies of his grandparents - the Tanfields.

Mark Cary (could it be, a descendent?) has contacted me to point out that the swan on Cary's left is the heraldic Swan of the Cary's, and the maiden on his right is the heraldic Maiden of the Tanfields. In Tudor times, bare-breasts were a heraldic sign of purity.
I knew that!

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