Cheat the Phone Company
face it - I do go on a bit.

For those of you who don't want to read all my ramblings on-line, you can download a Slim Zip file of the contents of From Watford Gap to Camelot.

To keep the size down, I've excluded the photos and sounds from this zip (although it does include the navigation "furniture" - buttons, maps etc.). When you view the result, you'll see empty blocks where the pictures would be. If you want to look at a particular pic, it's relatively easy to look at it on-line. Therefore, the zip is only about 750Kb. At 28k8 baud, it shouldn't take much more than a couple of minutes to download.

If you want to download the whole shebang for off-line viewing, I've compiled a Fat Zip file, containing pictures (but not sounds). This zip is just over 4Mb. At 28k8 baud, you'll be hanging around a bit longer - maybe fifteen-twenty minutes.

For those who wish to read just the Webbery & Nettery material, download the Webbery Zip file. This is quite small - it shouldn't take a minute to download.

If you want to download the Songs, you'll need to do that file-by-file. There is no saving in zipping them up.

Some browsers insist on opening a Zip file, instead of downloading it. If yours does this, right click on the link you want (on this page), and select Save Target As (or equivalent) to save it to your local drive.
When you've downloaded your chosen zip, use Pkunzip or Winzip (or whatever) to uncompress it to an empty directory. Make sure you preserve the directory structure. Use "Pkunzip -d watcam" or "Use Folder Names". Then point your browser at index.htm in the root directory.

If you aren't using a Dos or Windows computer, I'm afraid I can't help you, but there is likely to be some appropriate Unzipper tool for your system. You may need to ask around to find it.

I would ask you to preserve standard copyright sensitivity; these Zip files and their contents are for personal use only. The only payment I would ask is that you let me know what you think - in a mail message.


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