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From Watford Gap to Camelot
From Watford Gap to Camelot
Webbery and Nettery
Webbery & Nettery
Strum's Songs for Sale
Strum's Songs for Sale

A mythical journey along a real but relatively ordinary road. Or maybe it is a real journey along a mythical road - I'm never quite sure.

It is a quest of sorts, ranging across history, mystery, the bizarre and the banal, starting in the middle of nowhere, and ending somewhere that probably doesn't exist.

This road has also inspired a Sequence of Songs.

Advice and guidance on using the Internet and the World-Wide Web - with special relevance to businesses (large and small) dealing with this bewildering medium.

You won't find any tips on coding, or systems design. You will find some things you should be thinking about before you write a single line of code, or even sign up for an Internet connection.

To be honest, most of these pieces are from the early days of the Web - but a surprising number of them are still relevant.

Presenting a range of original songs, intended for singers, musicians, publishers, producers - whoever may be able to put them to use, and give them life.

There are lyrics and MP3 music files - which you can play on-line or download for later enjoyment.

It won't cost you anything to listen.

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paltop (2K)
- a collection of history essays, (more than my old History master ever managed to get out of me), some arising from the "Camelot" journey, some on more general subjects.
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