Listen to your dreams

historic landmark in Daventry is The Wheatsheaf Inn (now Wheatsheaf Court - an apartment complex), which played a significant part in the constitutional history of this country.

In 1645, Charles I was booked in, on the night before the Battle of Naseby, leaving his troops quartered on Borough Hill. He got drunk.

Sleeping it off, Charles had a dream in which the Earl of Strafford appeared. (Strafford had been one of Charles most loyal lieutenants, but he had been abandoned most callously, when the heat was on.) In the dream, Strafford warned Charles not to engage the Parliamentary enemy the next day.

In the morning, Charles woke in (well-founded) dread, but his smarmy nephew Rupert convinced him that Cromwell and his mob was a pushover, and he went ahead with the fixture, his last.

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