Perspex of our Memories

landscape is gentle and wooded. And small. Spires and steeples don't have to reach far to make their point. Woods, hills, houses limit the horizon, but, driving past Ashby St. Ledgers, Braunston and Welton, the eye is occasionally caught by a distant stand of glinting steel masts.

As Daventry approaches, they come to dominate the landscape - a neat array of aerials, old and new, crowning the long Borough Hill.

Of course; that's what everyone knows Daventry for. On those old bakelite or walnut radios, mimicking a shell, or a sunrise, or the radiator grill of a 50's saloon car. On that glowing perspex tuning-dial, there was always Daventry, along with Hilversum, Athlone and Luxembourg. Is it still here?

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