Beyond Avalon

stops at Glastonbury, as does this physical journey.

You could carry on Westward towards Street, taking the A39. There you could pick up the A361 again, heading on across Sedgemoor to Taunton, where the A38 takes over.

The A361 re-appears again just short of Tiverton (who said road planners had no sense of whimsy?). Then it continues West through Barnstaple, to Ilfracombe.

Westward Ho! (yes, that is a real place-name, complete with exclamation mark) lies just to the West of the last few miles of the road.

But, let's face it, From Watford Gap to Camelot is sufficient - to want any more would be greedy (and would spoil a perfectly good title).

Of course, the quest need not end at Glastonbury; for many the quest begins here. Each may seek an individual Holy Grail and may head off in any (or all) directions to find it. Others may sit and wait for the Grail to come to them - like a pizza delivery.

But some may decide that maybe the quest is the Grail, that the journey is the destination (and that it's best to take your own packed lunch).

But, what about Camelot? This web-site promised you Camelot. We've reached the end of the road - and the one thing Glastonbury isn't, is Camelot.

Let's see if I can wriggle out of this one...

Where are the footprints? Where are the footprints? The True Camelot The True Camelot
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