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River Biss

River Biss River Biss
The River Biss, flowing through Trowbridge. It flows under Handle House, a Grade II listed building, once used to keep teazles dry.

Teazle, Handle & Jig

A Teazle, A Handle & A Jig
For a fuller explanation of how teazles and Handle House are connected, see Just a Teazle

Hotel Bythesea

Hotel Bythesea Hotel Bythesea
"The Hotel takes its name from Bythesea Road, on which it stands. The road takes its name from Henry Bythesea, who built a housing development here, at the beginning of the nineteenth century."
By 2021, Hotel Bythesea has become Bythesea Lodge - part of the Amber group.


Usher's Brewery, Trowbridge c.1990 - or the the Taedonggang brewery, located just outside Pyongyang.
In 2021, Usher's is long gone from Trowbridge, with many of its old buildings repurposed or replaced.

Post-industrial Trowbridge

Hotel Bythesea Hotel Bythesea
The Maltings - mostly repurposed for light industrial use, but the Maltster's Cottage has been turned into a very desirable town-house
Blind House Round Tower Round Tower
The The Blind House (an old gaol), a random Round Tower and a lovely old stables on Back Street.
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