mythical journey along a real but relatively ordinary road. Or maybe it is a real journey along a mythical road - I'm never quite sure.

It is a quest of sorts, ranging across history, mystery, the bizarre and the banal, starting in the middle of nowhere, and ending somewhere that probably doesn't exist. In between - the ordinary and the extraordinary, which often turn out to be the same thing.

To follow the course of the road and its stories, follow the finger Foreword /. I'll understand if you can't accompany me on the whole journey - not all at once, at least. But you can bookmark the page you leave from, and return later. It is a virtual journey, after all.

There are three main sections:-
From Scratchwood to Wychwood,
Wessex and
Towards Twilight.
The Palimpsest section deals with general historical issues, some of them arising arising from the "journey". There's a gallery of image Thumbnails and some Context maps, to help locate the road, the country, the planet.

This road has also inspired a sequence of songs - the Camelot Sequence. Have a listen.

Look also at some Links to interesting and/or entertaining sites.

Of course, there's a little bit about me.

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