Out of the Woods

the Wychwood the road falls steeply past Fulbrook, joins the A424 from Stow-in-the-Wold, and crosses the River Windrush by an ancient bridge. Immediately, we are in Burford, a mediaeval ribbon development climbing up the other side of the valley. This is a tourism honey-trap, the first real Cotswold village out of Oxford, a genuine Gateway to the Cotswolds and in the summer the cars and coaches pour off the A40, edging down the hill to queue for their ration of history.

In fact, there's seldom time in the touring schedules for more than a quick wander round the Tolsey Museum, and a stroll down to the river, taking in the church on the way. Few visitors manage to do more than scrape the surface of Burford's history. Just as well, perhaps; If everyone dug deeper, there'd be nothing left but holes.

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