Moment of Fame

last thing about Burford.

On the twenty-sixth of January, 1990, Burford had its fifteen minutes of Media Celebrity, when "Baby Griffiths" was discovered in the Old Police Station.

This child had unwittingly provided the big Christmas-Tide human interest story, when she was snatched, only a few days old, from her mother's hospital bedside. Her Christian name wasn't released to the press (it was Alexandra) and "Baby Griffiths" was the name on the front page.

In the run-up to Christmas, then New Year, and beyond, the nation fretted about this awful situation, and hoped....

After weeks of this, the child was found, alive and well, and the story had a happy ending, maybe even for the kidnapper, co-incidentally also called Griffiths, a woman whose fantasies weren't doing her much good either.

Burford was briefly portrayed as a sleepy Cotswold village, the camera panned, once, down the High Street, and the story was put to sleep.

This High Street is, of course, the A361, still, and Burford is a Gateway, not our destination.

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